3 Steps You Can’t Skip When Offering Cloud Migration Services

Michelle Hyde is a one-woman wrecking ball when it comes to knocking down barriers to cloud migration, and her model can teach solutions providers how to get their clients up to speed.

Cloud migration captured mainstream media headlines in 2018 when the Department of Defense (DoD) backed out of a nearly $1 billion contract. The Washington Post broke a story in February 2018 detailing how the $950 million contract was cut back to $65 million and limited to work with one specific agency within the DoD. The soap opera-esque saga included a protest filed by Oracle, talk of taking the issue to Congress, and enough legal jargon to put the average reader to sleep. The company on the receiving end of the financial blow “offers managed and professional services and patent-pending solutions for hyperscale integrated infrastructure [IaaS] and platform [PaaS] service providers and is one of few MSPs capable of supporting the entire cloud services’ life cycle,” according to its website.

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