We help enterprise businesses source, deploy and manage next-generation connectivity, cloud and mobility solutions that make a measurable difference in productivity and overall business performance, now and in the future.


Hi, I’m Michelle Hyde

For the past 20 years, I’ve served Pacific NW enterprises like yours, as a trusted advisor to implement the right technologies to overcome critical business challenges.

If you’re experiencing IT infrastructure growth and the need to scale globally to beat your competition, we’ve helped hundreds of other enterprise executives like you achieve success through strategic enablement of scalable solutions in cloud, SaaS and emerging technologies.

My team and I will collaborate with you to ensure the success of your digital transformation, enabling your team to achieve globally, scale rapidly, and migrate quickly to affect bottom-line profits and favorable business outcomes.


Solutions Customized to Your Business Needs

Your unique IT infrastructure will require customized solutions to meet your business needs. Our IT experts expect special requirements from clients. They will go through a systematic step-by-step review process to uncover your business goals before providing recommendations and implementing a solution.

Network assessments

Cost-recovery strategies

Asset repository and monitoring

Sourcing and vendor vetting

Deployment assistance

Disaster recovery planning


The competence and skill expected in business and strategic practice areas. Empathy, respect and having a varied and robust knowledge base.


The principled correctness and conduct expected when dealing with a trusted advisor on critical and sensitive data in both written and conversational engagement.


The authoritative skill, knowledge and proficiency in business with a varied approach and set of solutions to affect favorable change.

Solution Spotlight

Global Sourcing

When seeking solutions, providers, vendors and suppliers, there are hundreds of options to navigate – it is overwhelming to know where or how to start. You even question whether your team has the time, or the ability to navigate and vet right suitors while assuring company needs and requirements are being met. Let Hyde Group offer third-party objectivity and validation to your search, to score fitting vendors and scalable solutions. IT Departments are tasked to do more with less – do more with Hyde Group.


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Meet Our Team

Mark C. Del Bianco


Mark is a lawyer with a fascination for communications technology and network economics. In practice since 2003, he has primarily worked with ISPs and telecom competitors and has been fortunate to combine contracts with transactional practices.

Mark is a graduate of Yale Law and the University of Maryland majoring in History, and he teaches, writes and advocates on issues where policy intersects with networks, innovation and antitrust.

Fred W. Kraus


Fred has been serving in technology for over 25 years for major corporations: HP, Sun Microsystems, Compaq and DEC. He has also successfully owned his retail computer store, which has served him well in honing his customer-centric approach.

A graduate of Kansas State University, he achieved his Bachelor of Sciences degree with a major in Accounting and currently resides in Arizona, serving the southwest marketplace.

JEREMY P. JOHNSON, Enterprise Solution Architect, DBA

President and Executive Consultant at MIMIRiS, Inc, with over 20 years of technology engineering, consulting and interim executive management experience. A versatile IT professional tackling such projects as ERP/CRM integrations, cloud migration and adept at managing distressed projects to a successful closure. Having a strong background in project management / technical integrations, makes him an essential asset to the team. Univ. of Montana grad, decorated U.S. Army veteran serving in the (first) Gulf War and has mad skills as a 7th Degree blackbelt in karate.

Kevin A. McCann


Kevin is the founder of Executive Strategy Group, which is a management consulting firm that works with growth-directed companies seeking to increase top-line revenue. Kevin aligns company strategy with marketing and sales efforts to increase reach, maximize marketing ROI, shorten sales cycles and generate consistently growing revenue.

Learn more at kevinamccann.com


The work was superior and delivered exactly what we needed to advance our effort. We needed outside expert advice and Hyde Group more than delivered.

CIO | Global Invention Incubation Firm