Assess Your IT Infrastructure

To inspect what you expect is a good business practice, especially as change is the constant in your environment. A thorough assessment is a necessary start to every effective technology transformation.

Align IT Initiatives to Business Goals

Assure that Your IT Objectives Align with the Business

When seeking to make sweeping technology changes, it is vital that the mission and objectives must be aligned and well defined.

We begin with understanding these four crucial business questions that may appear basic, but frankly are an excellent litmus for alignment among the various business units and tells a distinct story in the answers:

  • What are you trying to accomplish and why
  • How will you measure success?
  • What are the conditions that must exist or be true to succeed?
  • How will we get there?

Gain a deeper understanding of your it Infrastructure

Technology Assessments to Achieve Your Business Goals

Rapid Growth

Scaling in the mid-market enterprise is a costly endeavor. Does your company have the time to conduct the assessment necessary to understand the infrastructure in its entirety? Do they have to knowledge and expertise to understand the interdependencies of disparate systems? Do they have the objectivity to identify and resolve the findings an assessment? Seeking objectivity allows for a thorough examination of current systems and reveals a solid baseline from which to launch next-gen technologies.

Business Intelligence

Assessments and documentation of your infrastructure go hand in hand. Creating a comprehensive and information-rich understanding of internal systems and dependencies allows for quick reference and transferable, referenceable and searchable data repository between teams. Have you documented your infrastructure to understand your system dependencies in the last year? We can do this work – expediently.

In 2020, Enterprise Organizations Expect IT Budgets to Grow


Enterprises Upgrading Due to Outdated Infrastructure


Average Tech Spend per/Employee for Enterprise Organizations



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John Hendricks, Technologist


Inspect What You Expect Today

Knowing what you have today will be your roadmap for tomorrow. Documentation of assets, dependencies, and network topology are the first steps to understanding your cloud launch pad of tomorrow. Let us show you how and tackle this burden of audit, assessment and documentation as you focus on the next migration project that requires your strategic attention.