Global Technology Sourcing

Global firms require supplier insights globally. Intuitive yes, but well-practiced, no. When seeking services and platforms needed to meet your needs both domestically and overseas, expert knowledge of global players and professionally curated suppliers enables you the competitive edge needed to thrive.

Strategic Sourcing

Is Your Infrastructure Ready to Compete Globally?

A provocative question for sure, but what about the confidence and assurance in your internal teams to identify global providers that will meet and (better yet) exceed these requirements?

Now focus on your future-state of business requiring you to exceed client demands as you scale? Are you ready?

This examination and curation of global providers (SaaS, Cloud, Network, Datacenter et al.) is our expertise, which is carefully matched to the high demands of your corporation.

Securing the right vendor fit every time, is a comfort that few firms realize.

The complexity of identifying, examining, vetting and road-mapping with suppliers of all types is a multitude of tasks – tasks that Hyde Group has at their fingertips with deep datasets and analytics for the global (and niche) providers that you seek.

The Sourcing Conundrum

Global Need, Absent Global Knowledge


With the myriad of choices, known and unknown, with whom to do business with, how does your firm identify and vet the options best suiting your firm? Ideally, you have access to all of them, along with rich tools and data collection backing your decisions. This can be had — easily. By working with your trusted advisors having a deep understanding of the marketplace and sensible data curation, your team is eased and made immediately efficient at finding and vetting the right solution for your company.


If quizzed today, how many international solution suppliers (network, platform, SaaS, Cloud, et al.) could you name? Likely just a few. What if you had 100’s at your disposal and matched seamlessly and expeditiously to your requirements? Having a trusted advisor gives you the freedom and confidence to execute on company goals. Let us aid your team in global sourcing and examination to help employ the right solution every time.

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Enterprises Upgrading Due to Outdated Infrastructure


Average Tech Spend per/Employee for Enterprise Organizations



“Hyde Group’s understanding, connections, and capability in the telecommunications world is unparalleled.”

John Hendricks, Technologist


Global Sourcing is Heavy Lifting

There are competencies that your team need not learn for a limited project scope — leverage Hyde Group for an examination of global providers driven by data analytics that have been expertly curated. Our team offers a professional exam of critical suppliers resulting in increased time-to-market for your overseas and domestic deployments. Why do the heavy lifting yourself without global industry insights?