IT Consulting

Do you know the scope, cost and timeframes of your technology deployment? How about dependencies, impacts and risks when conducting them? We are here to nurture and support these initiatives in a solid approach that works with your stakeholder and organizational requirements.


Strategy Defined Through Collaboration

Our client engagements often consist of clients at impasse 30% of the way through a cloud or technology migration and simply needing clarification to identify which path will allow them to reach their intended vision.

Our team will meet you where you are – whether just in the initiation phases of a plan or halfway through, we can help create order, insights and clarity.

Our approach for your success is a customized yet systematic and versatile plan arrived at together.

Let us help bring your vision into focus with consultation, technical project/program management and interim personnel to execute your business goals swiftly.


Achieve Objectives

Overcome Business Challenges With the Proper Approach


Today, hiring strategic personnel for your technical teams can be an issue. No doubt, you are being affected by this personnel shortage by stalled projects and delayed progress or implementations. Hire for the interim. It can be very cost-effective to hire term, strategic, diverse and seasoned professionals for projects that need a bit of propulsion or project management. Consultants are great suitors for your dynamic projects – flexibility may be the key to your project completion.


The ‘independent voice of reason,’ we all wish we had one when we truly need one – – and consulting grants this wish! Hiring consultants with objectivity and diverse industry experience with tenure to assist in development or clarification of your vision or strategy can be the best (and very efficient) thing to do to achieve a needed outcome. Often, teams at an impasse and cannot harness solutions. If you are experiencing this today, an interim engagement may be just the cure.

Enterprise Organizations Expect IT Budgets to Grow


Enterprises Upgrading Due to Outdated Infrastructure


Average Tech Spend per/Employee for Enterprise Organizations



“Hyde Group’s understanding, connections, and capability in the telecommunications world is unparalleled.”

John Hendricks, Technologist


Advance Your Projects Today

Validating ideas with a third party is a rational thing to do. Outside expertise often is sought when specific skill sets are needed for strategic input and swift execution. Interim personnel, project and program managers serve specific roles for specific goals, which will speed completion of key projects enabling your team time to focus on your core competencies and driving more business.