Use Case

Measuring Business Impact

Business initiatives, whether global, regional or national in scope, Hyde Group understands that enterprises today require impact. Impact to top-line revenues, bottom-line margin or timelines for deployment, and our team recognizes that success needs to be measured and shared.

Global WAN Deployment

How we enabled our client to double sales and clientele by re-architecting their network

A successful deployment of a wide area network can achieve great things in a business; it can enable applications to work seamlessly, empower employees to work successfully, and best of all, offer efficient on-boarding of new clients and satisfy current ones, yielding increased sales and top-line revenues.


The Challenge and Solution


We have all heard that no one gets fired for buying a ‘certain’ legacy carrier, well, the exception, in this case, is that this legacy carrier was the one fired!

The challenge here was the client had serious business impacts fueled by legacy architecture, poor customer service, terrible contract terms/pricing and no one to help – until turning to Hyde Group for an assessment of it all. Impacts like this are common for enterprise organizations today. Our client asked us; How can we employ a better and more versatile architecture that will satisfy our budget and business initiatives while integrating with other newly deployed technologies to handle needed workloads efficiently AND scale seamlessly in the future? (Oh, and can you make it easy to implement and maintain too?).


Our challenge was a formidable one, but at its full deployment, the client employs a highly redundant, IP-VPN, BGP4-enabled global WAN. The BGP solution made sense here due to the sophistication of the client and based on a thorough examination of their requirements. Having a posture of two route-diverse fiber providers at each site anchored by high availability hardware as well, fuels them for near-zero downtime — a 100% improvement over the old topology. Their clients are no longer impacted, the headroom for client growth is enabled and costs have reduced with a much-improved uptime and resiliency. The client has gained the freedom to control their destiny, workloads and next-gen applications, at will, for cross-departmental business initiatives. Our client can scale without concern and is already taking on double the order volume and customer count than before Hyde Group arrived.

Network Expenditures ReduceD


Client’s Growth Increased


Network Availability Increased 


Vendor Flexibility Increased



“With Hyde Group’s guidance, we established a clear go-forward strategy that aligned with our stated business objectives, successfully navigated the complexities of third party circuit and data center contracts, and negotiated some best-in-class agreements.”

Director of IT at a Consumer Securities Firm